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Baarish is a game for word lovers, with elements of Boggle and Tetris. As letters rain down, players must fit them together into words. Longer words earn more points. Earn 30 points in 2 minutes to advance to the next level, where the letters fall ever so lightly faster.

The paid version of Baarish has more options. These include 4 additional modes: Reverse (words must be spelled backward), Mirror (letters fall in mirror image), Mirror Reverse (words must be spelled backward with mirror image letters) and Grand Prix (a mixture of everything!). Baarish paid also offers a range of difficulty levels.

To download Baarish, visit our Downloads page, or search for it in the Android App market!

How to Play

1. Build words by clicking on the boxes at the bottom. When you click a box, the letter in that box will appear on the top left of the screen. If you clicked the second box, the letter in that box becomes the second letter of the word you are constructing.You can change the letter you have selected by clicking on the corresponding box when it has a different letter in it.

2. When you have constructed a word, click submit. If it is a word in the dictionary, you earn points (3 for 3-letter words, 5 for 4-letter words, 10 for 5-letter words and 17 for 6-letter words). NOTE: adding -s, -ed, etc. to a word does not count!

3. If you don’t like the word constructed so far, you can clear it by clicking cancel.

4. Each level is 2 minutes long and you have to make a certain number of points to advance to the next level. The required points start at 30 for level 1 and increase by 5 for subsequent levels. Your score for the current level and the total points required to advance to the next level is shown to the right of the remaining time. Above that is your total score over all levels for the current game. See the screenshot below for an explanation of the various areas on the game screen.

5. You can pause a game by either hitting the pause button or the back button. The back button gives you the option of exiting the game, saving and then exiting or simply continuing with the game.

6. Submit your score to the global scoreboard and see how you fare against other players from all over the world.


Opening Screen:                                    Main Menu:

Baarish Opening Screen    Baarish Main Screen

Settings Menu:                                  Game Screen:

Baarish Settings Screen    Baarish Game Screen

Game Screen, Explained:

Baarish Game Screen Explained


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