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With basic KnitCards, you can:

  • Keep track of your knitting projects
  • Sort and view projects by past, current, and future status
  • Add pictures to and delete pictures from individual projects
  • Record pattern details such as source, start & finish dates, needle size, yarn choice, etc.
  • Tag projects in any way you choose
  • Search by tag
  • Sort projects alphabetically or by recently modified
  • Record miscellaneous notes about each project (pattern notes, recipient, modifications, etc.)

New in Version 1.1

  • For each project, you can link to a pattern stored stored as a file (pdf) on your phone.

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KnitCards Suite

KnitCards Suite allows you to do everything that KnitCards does and more, including:


You may create as many counters as you want for every project. You can name each counter as well as set it to go up or down and restart when it reaches a certain value. You can also edit any counter to change its name, value and properties. Counters are automatically saved when you exit the page. To see the counters, simply click on the “show counters” button at the bottom of your project’s information page.

Share Your Projects

KnitCards Suite allows you to share your projects in three ways:

  • Email: You can email the project to anyone. Simply long-click the project from the main screen and select “Email Card”.
  • Upload to Facebook: You can upload your projects to Facebook as a note with or without the project images. You can also upload just the photos to Facebook. Simply long-click the project from the main screen and select “Upload Card to Facebook”. Select what you would like to upload and click ok. If you are not logged in to Facebook, it will ask you to log in. If you would like to log out from Facebook, you will find an option on the main menu that say “Facebook Logout”. This option appears only if you are already logged in to Facebook.
  • Share via KnitCards Suite: This is my favorite feature. You can now directly share your project with another KnitCards Suite user over email. Simply long-click the project from the main screen and select “Share Card”. Then select whether you want to share your pattern file and images, and click ok. This generates an email with an attachment that is the project information. The receipient simply has to click on the attachment and the project will be imported into their KnitCards.

Back Up Your Projects

Now you can also save a copy of your projects to the SD card. Press the menu button on the main screen and you will see an option called “Backup/Restore”.

One feature that I’m working on is a way to let you import all your projects from KnitCards to KnitCards Suite. I thought I had it down but something screwed up so its back to the drawing board for that. Hopefully, I will have it working by the end of the holidays.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved version. Please let me know what you think and, of course, any errors, bugs or force closes that you may find. I tested it pretty thoroughly but there are so many phones out there that I’m sure I missed a few.
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Home Screen Project List

Project List Options Edit Card from List

Sort Project Cards Search Project Cards

Add/Edit Project Card Add Image to Card

Delete Image Edit Project Stage

View Project Card

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